Huge Update!

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well during this time. These last few months have definitely been crazy with school being online, quiet streets, and empty grocery stores but through it all I’ve been trying my best to hold my head up high and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you read my last post, I suffered a serious head injury back in February and I am doing quite a bit better now. I was recovering very quickly for a while but have recently hit a plateau. I’m trying to be as patient as I can and take things one day at a time but I have to say it’s very hard! Waking up with concussion symptoms for over 2 months now has definitely been a challenge but I’ve for sure learned how important it is to take it easy and be intuitive with my body.

Switching to online school definitely had its pros and cons. I love the flexibility to complete my work when I want (or when I am symptom-free), and I like how everything is in one place and easy to access rather than carrying around several binders and notebooks between classes. On the other hand, the increased screen time is most likely the cause of my plateau. It increases my symptoms quite a bit and I have to rest (mostly my eyes) very frequently. It can be frustrating to constantly have to ask for extensions and extra help, but along the way I am really learning how to be patient with myself by accepting where I am, recognizing improvement (even if it’s small), and being grateful for the recovery process and all it has taught me.

One of the most life-changing things I’ve been taught as a result of recovery is being intuitive with my mind and body. I used to be on a very strict schedule where I’d get up at 5:30, have three scheduled meals each day, train 3+ hours for ski racing, and go to bed at 9:00-9:30. After my injury I couldn’t keep that pace anymore. I had to focus on listening to my body’s signals and doing what it was asking for. I wake up without an alarm (generally around 6:30), I eat when I’m hungry, I limit my exercise (my PT recommends getting outside for 20-30 minutes a day, but I only go when I feel up to it), and I go to bed when I’m tired (between 10-11 ish). Adjusting to this has been hard but my mind and body feel more at peace than ever and it has allowed my recovery to be a lot smoother.

Being in quarantine has also given me a lot of opportunities to pick things back up that I lost along the way, either because of my school and activity schedule or my injury. I’ve been writing, reading, working on my photography, picking my instruments back up, cooking, playing games with my family, catching up with long distance friends and family, attending zoom calls from leaders all around the world, and so many more incredible activities that have become very positive ways to fill my time.

Although you may have heard this several times by now, it’s really important that we take this time at home to spend time doing the things we love, surround ourselves with the people we love (even if it’s digitally), pick up a new hobby that you didn’t have time to do before, and most importantly be intuitive with yourself. Make time to cook nourishing meals, sleep well, get outside and move your body even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes, and be kind to yourself. We are all in the same situation right now, and we can look at it as a curse and say it’s ruined our lives, but we gain our strength from situations like this and it’s so important that we take full advantage of all the time that we have to ourselves to learn, grow, and improve so that we can become an even better version of ourselves than we were before once the quarantine restrictions lift.

Please take the time to be kind, both to yourself and to everyone around you, spend time doing things that bring you joy, and lastly stay happy and healthy!

On a side note, I have realized that to reach a greater audience it would be important to expand my platform. If you are looking for healthy, plant-based recipe inspiration especially while you have the time at home to cook, please check out my new instagram page here.

I am aware that I wrote a post explaining why I took myself off of all social media platforms. However after two years, I have realized that if used right, the platform can be a very positive way to build a community and express yourself. Social media should not have to be black and white. I experienced a very toxic side of it that made me want to remove myself from it completely, but now I realize that completely removing yourself from anything will not solve the problem. If we can transform the way the platform is used, I think that will be much more effective than boycotting it. After having my account for around a week now and setting boundaries for myself, all of the feedback I have received has been so positive and encouraging and I appreciate the community I have built so far. If you’re interested in following along with my plant-based eating or if you’re in search for some new healthy recipes, please check out my account here!

I hope you have an amazing week and stay tuned for next time!

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  1. Jordyn, I’m encouraged to read about your recovery and the way you’ve adapted to your new circumstances. I admire the way you’ve let go of the way you were and accepted the way you are now, finding your natural rhythm and discovering new aspects of yourself. Perhaps that’s a hidden gift in your injury. It was for me when I suffered a severe concussion 8 years ago; one that, because of my age, I’ve never fully recovered from and have had to adapt to as well. It pleases me to read about your progress on your path to becoming the best you can be under any and all conditions that life presents.


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