50 Things I Want to Do Before I Grow Up

Life is full of endless opportunities and experiences that may be very close or very far from my reach. When I grow up, I want to look back on my teenage years with no regrets and I want to feel like I made the most of them.

At my age I am capable of so many things, and I want to take advantage of my youth. There are so many thrilling things out there, some that scare me and some that excite me, however I want to step out of my comfort zone and try some of these things that I know will impact me significantly in my future.

This bucket list has inspired me and my life for the better, and I have been and I will continue taking baby steps towards completing these items as the years progress.

  1. Travel to all 50 states of the US
  2. Climb the Grand Teton and each of the summits
  3. Become fluent in German
  4. Travel to Israel at least once a year
  5. Watch the sunrise
  6. Attend a vegan festival
  7. Spend time in Kauai
  8. Run a half marathon
  9. Hike Machu Picchu
  10. Write a book
  11. Attend the winter Olympics
  12. Be able to do 15 pull-ups
  13. Speak in front of a large crowd
  14. Do the splits
  15. Jump/dive off a large cliff
  16. Learn to play guitar
  17. Volunteer outside of the country
  18. Swim with dolphins and sea turtles
  19. Go on a road trip
  20. Participate in a triathlon
  21. Learn to surf
  22. Do a color run
  23. Master the art of meditation
  24. Embrace self-love
  25. Do a backflip on the ground
  26. Win a ski race
  27. Go heli-skiing
  28. Learn how to live as zero-waste as possible
  29. Master food photography
  30. Run a sub 6-minute mile
  31. Make a perfect vegan red velvet cake
  32. And a perfect vegan pizza
  33. Volunteer more often
  34. Read one book a week
  35. Tell one person a day how much I appreciate them
  36. Go one week with no technology
  37. Throw someone a surprise party
  38. Bike across an entire state
  39. Go kayaking
  40. Smile and laugh more
  41. 24 hours of silence
  42. Master handstands
  43. Attempt a paperclip challenge
  44. Prepare and eat a six-course meal with my family
  45. Attend a TED talk (and hopefully give one in the future)
  46. Start a non-profit
  47. Go waterskiing
  48. Start a garden
  49. Backpack on another continent
  50. Do everything with a purpose

4 thoughts

  1. I would say that traveling would be the most challenging especially since I am not yet old enough to arrange trips for myself. I also think that many of the athletic related ones will be physically very demanding and will require a lot of courage and effort.

    These are tasks that I hope to complete while I am still a student and hopefully before I graduate high school. Throughout these next few years, I will continue to learn, grow, and mature, however I would consider myself “grown up” when I am able and mature enough to take on adult responsibilities (most likely by age 18).


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